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36% of Canadian Business Have Experienced a Cyber Attack

1/3 of Canadian IT professionals admit to experiencing a significant data breach within the last year. These companies believe these breaches could put their clients or organization at risk.

The same study found that 56% of the Canadian respondents believe threats sometimes fall through the cracks, indicating that the issue could be far worse than they are aware of. 

Jeff Debrosse, Director of Security Research for Websense, said “It’s a 24-7 onslaught.  It’s a barrage of attacks and attempts to penetrate the defences.” Debrosse believes organizations need to understand their vulnerabilities and that it is important to share information about attacks within and among organizations. 

“It seems, in the last couple of years, the only time you’re really heard anything – a major breach or anything like that- is when it has become such big news that no one can keep a lid on it… or when its politically expedient,” said Mike Park an Ottawa-based cyber security expert.  Reports from a study by Statistics Canada indicate that 6% of Canadian enterprises surveyed experienced a breach in 2013.  A quarter of those companies said client or proprietary information had been corrupted, stolen or accessed without authorization.

For more information on this and other recent data breaches, please visit this article.[1]

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HUB International TECHNOLOGY is based in Vancouver and focuses on insuring and protecting public and private companies in the technology sector. We offer Risk Management and Loss Control strategies, placing General Liability, Property, Business Interruption, Cyber Liability, along with other coverages for all types of technology companies, including E-Commerce.

[1] David , Paddon. "Cyber attacks have hit 36 per cent of Canadian businesses, study says Add to ...." The Globe and Mail. The Canadian Press, 18 Aug 2014. Web. 18 Aug 2014. <>.


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