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You get more when you buy from our TECHNOLOGY specialists at HUB International Insurance Brokers, Canada’s leading broker. You receive the combined power of our vast global resources and solid local relationships.

Technology Insurance 101

Market Segments

  • Gaming
  • Software Development
  • Social Media
  • E-Commerce
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Hardware
  • High Tech Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?

A. HUB International TECHNOLOGY is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our office is in the downtown core but we service many technology companies across the province. If your company is based outside of the lower mainland or outside of British Columbia entirely, we can still be of service. Our brokerage has a presence all over Canada and the United States and can provide an expert to assist your company no matter where you are located.

Q. What types of Technology companies do you work with?

A. HUB International TECHNOLOGY works with a wide array of technology companies of varying sizes. Currently we deal with companies in gaming & software development, e-commerce, social media, information technology consulting, hardware, telecommunications and high tech manufacturing. If your company falls outside one of these categories, we would still be happy to help!

Q. How long does it take to secure coverage?

A. Generally we would like to have 1-2 months to properly work with your company to review and audit your current policies, make suggestions and then go to the market. We also want to leave some time for you to review the proposals and make the best choice for your company.

Q. We are a new technology start-up with a very small operation. Do we need all of these different kinds of insurance products?

A. At the beginning stages of your operations, a technology start-up package will often suffice. This includes contents, general liability and smaller limits on errors & omissions as well as cyber liability. Depending on your risk profile, there may be some additional insurance products that would be beneficial as add-ons. We work with many technology start-ups to ensure they have the right coverage from the start and are set up to grow with the right carriers.

Q. I have heard a lot of talk about Cyber Liability coverage lately due to some big companies being infiltrated. Do you think my company would benefit from this coverage?

A. Depending on your operations, a good, comprehensive cyber liability package could play a huge role in any future exposures. With pending legislation in Canada, greater notification expenses and potential lawsuits are a reality as government looks to make companies responsible for leaking private customer information. These costs could potentially cripple a company and lead them into bankruptcy. Cyber liability policies would respond to these scenarios and cover the company up to the limits of the policy.

Q. I like what I’ve heard about HUB International and what I see on the TECHNOLOGY website. How do I go about having a risk profile done for my company that identifies our exposures?

A. One of our TECHNOLOGY specialists would be happy to meet with you to provide a customized risk profile of your business. We generally want to have a quick look at the operations, offices, company structure and finances to determine what products would suit your company best. We are very thorough in our risk profile and that is one of the factors setting us apart in the industry.

Did You Know?

…That exclusions are the Fine Print. The most important part of any All Risks Policy is not what is covered but what is excluded. The structure of an All Risk policy is such that everything is covered other than what it is excluded. It is critical to determine what you are not covered for. Read and ask questions about the exclusions, as this is the fine print that needs to be understood.

…Who you are insured by? There are several types of Insurer-Broker relations. Are the actual underwriters in Canada? What is their financial strength? Do they have the required Technology sector expertise to represent you in a liability matter? Where will claims be processed and handled? Is there an additional intermediary whom you are not aware of? You need to ask these questions before you purchase the insurance - otherwise you may find that when you really need your policy, the people you are dealing with on the claim are far removed from both you and your Insurance Broker.

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