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Cyber Coverage

HUB International offers Exclusive Cyber Coverage for Canadian Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Partnering with the strength of Lloyd’s of London, HUB International has developed an exclusive product for Canadian companies that are completely innovative within the marketplace. Available to all small and medium enterprise HUB clients, coverage can be added to any existing policy or purchased on an individual basis.

Exclusive Cyber Coverage Features for Your Business

  • Third-party coverage for the transmission of viruses through your system, or for loss of information due to unauthorized access of your system.
  • Loss of third-party information that was in your care, custody or controls that result in a lawsuit against your business.
  • Business interruption coverage for system events (cyber events not included under traditional property policies).
  • Cyber extortion coverage.
  • Forensics costs to investigate the cause, scope and extent of the incident.
  • Data restoration coverage in the event of an incident to prevent, minimize or mitigate future events.
  • Coverage for costs (legally mandated or voluntary) incurred to notify those whose information was lost.
  • Credit monitoring for instances of identity or credit theft.
  • Public relations costs to obtain advice and support to prevent reputational harm to your brand.
  • Legal representation expenses to obtain legal advice in connection with a data or network security event.
  • Definition of “Claim” includes administrative or regulatory proceedings.
  • Limited exclusionary language.

Cyber-attacks in the form of computer viruses and computer hacks are on the rise. The cyber-attacks that are reported through the news, such as those targeting Ashley Madison, Sony, Home Depot, Target and Staples are also happening to small and mid-sized organizations. A large number of privacy breaches are also occurring through human error or unauthorized access by employees.

Any organization that relies on a computer system to operate or stores sensitive information in a tangible form, is vulnerable to a privacy breach that could cause a third party lawsuit, business interruption, extortion demand or other costs the company will be responsible for. HUB’s Cyber Defense coverage can help protect your business.

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