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What To Do If Your Business Is a Victim of Cybercrime

With the significant increase in cybercrime over the past few years, business owners and entrepreneurs should always have a back-up plan as to what they should do in the event of a cyber-attack. Although it may not be considered high priority, it is definitely something that needs to be considered. Most IT experts will agree that not having any plan in place is the most common regret amongst all business owners once they’ve been attacked.

Here are a few simple tips for business owners after an attack:

  • Change Passwords​ - This is the first thing a company should do after any type of hack. This is most important particularly for the accounts with have administration rights, and confidential information that my have been targeted.
  • Pull the plug -  ​A common form of attack is known as ransomware and can be recognized in the form of a “phishing email.” It is designed to trick employees to open an email and click on a link that will then allow the hacker to access the organizations system. In case this ever happens, employees should immediately disconnect or unplug their computer from the network.
  • Time to ‘fess up - ​Report all cyber-attacks to the police – there are legal issues surrounding all forms of attacks, especially when they involve missing sensitive or personal information.

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