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“Smart Home” Security Trend Can Be Putting Consumers at Higher Risk

Recently, there has been an increase in consumer trend to purchase “smart home” systems for their homes. A “smart home” security system is a single device that can contain an HD video camera and multiple sensors to track everything from motion, temperature, air quality, vibration, sound and even air quality. It can also be set up to control your light switches and garage doors. The smart home system can be controlled entirely from your iPhone or Android device, and sends you an alert when it senses anything out of the ordinary.

A recent research report conducted by HP earlier this year suggested that this new “smart home” technology system can be putting consumers at higher security risk. As a result of assessing 10 different homes with different security systems, HP concluded that "all of the studied devices used in home security contained significant vulnerabilities including enumerable usernames, weak password policy and no account lockout."  

Last week, Synmatec also released its results of its research. They studied 50 different devices and also came up with a similar conclusion; many of the devices have weak authentication, web vulnerabilities, and are more likely prone to local attacks.

For more information on this report please visit HP Fortify Report and Symantec Reserach Report

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